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DIY Blacksmiths Power Hammer




We have an extraordinary DIY electric floor standing blacksmiths power hammer available at A&D Reclaim, Clacton. We have listed this item on multiple selling pages and have started it on E-bay for £800. This incredible machine was created by an extremely clever close friend who unfortunately passed away this year so we are now we are looking to find it a new home. This hammer has an adjustable deck and you can also adjust the tension on the back. Speed varies depending on how much pressure you apply on the bottom pedal. Works fine.
Height: 6ft
Length: 62″
Wide: 2ft
If you want to come and see it and test it then please don’t hesitate to pop down. We have uploaded a video of the hammer working fine onto our YouTube Channel. You can view that here:
We can offer local delivery ONLY if you have a forklift at your end to remove it as this hammer is extremely heavy. Alternatively you can collect from us and we can forklift it onto your vehicle. It can be palatalised. You can find us at: A&D Reclaim, Sladburys Lane, Clacton-on-Sea, CO15 4SS.
For more information please contact us and we’d be happy to help.
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