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Our A&D Reclaim Facebook account has been hacked and permantly disabled. We have had to make a new facebook page which means rebuilding our following and our portfolio of products. Please show your support by liking the page so we can get up and running again! Thanks.



Welcome to A&D Reclaim, the leading reclamation specialists in Essex. A&D Reclaim has been supplying homeowners, architects and builders over the last 10 years with a vast varierty of reclaimed materials and items. Often described as the real life ‘Alladins Cave’, A&D Reclaim offers such a diversity of products that’ll ensure that you keep coming back. We offer local delivery aswell as shipping nationwide and on occasions internationally. A&D Reclaim are always on the hunt for new stock so you can check out our ‘wanted‘ page to find out what we’re after.

Located close to the seaside in Clacton-on-Sea, we now offer the majority of our catalogue online, offering a user friendly experience across all devices with regular updates across our social media platforms.


 Due  to  products  coming  in  and  going  out  so  often  there  are  occasions  that  our website  doesn’t  get  updated.  If  you’re  interested  in  a  product  please  check  with  us  about  it’s  availability  before  coming  to  collect  it.  Thanks.