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Working Pianola with 25+ Rolls of Music



We have a working vintage Pianola available at A&D Reclaim Sladburys Lane, Clacton. This pianola comes with 25+ rolls of music. You can adjust the treble, bass and tempo. The pedals fold away and you can open up the sliding parts on the body to reveal the roll of music moving.
If you’re not sure what a Pianola is then please read this:
‘A pianola is a type of mechanical piano. When you press the pedals, air is forced through holes in a roll of paper to press the keys and play a tune.’ So if you want a bit of fun or to trick people into thinking that you’re the new Mozart then this is for you.
1600mm Wide
1370mm High
720mm Deep
Viewing welcome at A&D Reclaim Yard, Sladburys Lane, Clacton-on-Sea, CO15 4SS. You can collect from that address aswell. We are open from 9:00am till 4:30pm every day apart from Sundays when we are closed. Check out our website to see more products that we have available. Can deliver locally depending on where you live. Thanks.
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